MONDAY — Bonnie’s ice cream pie

This is from Sun Journal Tough People Smart Money Writer Bonnie Washuk who says this dessert is so easy, “I don’t know if it deserves to be called a recipe.” The ingredients and steps are few, but it is yummy, a great summer dessert.


1.5 quart box of ice cream (remember when ice cream came in 2 quart boxes?)

Graham cracker crust

Cool Whip topping (smallest container will do)



Buy or make a graham cracker pie crust. Soften the ice cream so you can mold it into the pie crust. (You won’t need all of the box, but you will want to use more than half. How much you use will depend on how high you like your pie.)

Spread topping over ice cream. Freeze, then serve.

Bonnie’s tip: For a healthier dessert use frozen yogurt instead of ice cream.

And get creative with garnishing. If you use strawberry frozen yogurt or ice cream, garnish with strawberries. If you’re using mocha or chocolate, garnish with pieces of chocolate candy. Heck, pieces of chocolate on top goes with anything!

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