Today’s savings: $45.98

OK, most homeowners haven’t had a great need for air conditioning yet this season because the wet weather has kept temperatures down, but it’s still important to take care of your air conditioning units, including replacing — or recycling — filters as manufacturer-recommended periods, which is typically every one to three months.

Replacing filters can be expensive, and you can easily recycle most disposable filters to save money.

Instead of throwing filters away, vacuum and then gently spray the newly-clean filters with Endust to restore the dust-catching ability of the recycled filters. You can recycle filters two or three times, instead of replacing each month.

The cost of disposable air conditioning filters can run from $1.41 to $22.99 each, but if you re-use them three times, you can save between $2.82 and $45.98. 

Another option would be to buy the more pricey electrostatic filters, which can be washed and re-used, starting at $49.95 for standard size filters.

— Tightwad Gazette

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