PARIS — Town Clerk Anne Pastore said she was told by Board of Selectmen Chairman David Ivey on Monday that she must remain as interim town manager until the board meets July 13.
Pastore was appointed by selectmen Thursday to replace Sharon Jackson, who was fired June 22.
The next day, Pastore submitted her resignation.
“As you know, I had declined as of Friday,” said Pastore. “I was told today they couldn’t accept the resignation until the 13th. I could fight and say no, but I just want to move ahead and keep everything calm. I just want to get through this.”
Ivey was not available for comment Tuesday.
Pastore, one of the town’s three deputy tax collectors, said she initially accepted the position because she thought it would involve financial responsibilities held by Jackson, the tax collector, and she wanted to do what was best for the town.
Selectmen offered that part of the former town manager’s responsibilities to Deputy Tax Collector Elizabeth Knox, which caused Pastore to rethink her position.
Selectman Ray Glover said Tuesday night that as far as he was concerned, the town has no manager.
“In my mind, there is none,” he said. If Pastore refused to take the job and did not take the oath of office, she is simply not the interim town manager, Glover said.
“There was a vote to appoint her,” he said. “If she says no, they don’t have to take a vote for her resignation because she never was sworn in.”
Pastore said Tuesday night that she did in fact take the oath of office Thursday night after being appointed. She is not under a contract for the post.
“I’d like to know who told her that and what’s the basis of making that statement,” said Glover of forcing Pastore to take on the town manager job. “I think they’re exceeding their authority,” he said.
Glover said the chairman should have called an emergency meeting of the board immediately to resolve the issue and start the process for replacing Jackson.
“I don’t know what they’re waiting for,” he said.
As for Pastore, who along with fellow office staff has been busy this week handling end-of-fiscal-year commitments, she hoped to continue to work in the best interest of the town.
“I can’t fight it right now,” she said. “I have to move on.”

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