TURNER – Alex Cutter recorded his second career hole-in-one on the final hole of a two-day two-ball tournament at Turner Highlands Golf Club on Sunday. Cutter’s teammates Rick Schrepper, Chad Schrepper, Ryan Marston and a host of spectators at the clubhouse witnessed the feat.

Turner Highlands
TURNER – Men’s League, ABCD Scramble: 1. Jeff Kenney/Todd Walton/Seth
Fournier/John Brown, 2. Marke Wilcox/Dave Iannotti/Steve Walsh/Andy
Ricker, 3. Ryan Marston/Dave Stretton/Gerry Augello/Kenny Maher. Pins,
No. 4, George Chiasson 14-3; No. 8, Tony Maher, 21-4.
Parent/Child Tournament, alternate shot: Low gross, Paul & Karli
Soracco 74, Fitzgerald/Fitzgerald 75; Net, Mower/Mower 51,
Chiasson/Chiasson 63. Pins, No. 10, Chiasson 7-6; No. 15, Mower 6-2.
Two-day, two-man best ball: Harry Haylock/Scott Hornberger -23, George
Chiasson/Manley Dakin -22, Rick & Chad Schrepper -16, Alex
Cutter/Ryan Marston -13.Most improved, Marke Wilcox/Ron Blake. Senior division, Duane Nichols/Dave Hodgkins -12 (second playoff hole), Stan Timberlake/Bill Timberlake -12, Lenny Fitzherbert/Roger Deschaine -10. Most improved, Bob Allen/Ed McCosh.
Men’s league: First half results, Flight I, 1. Harry Haylock/Tyler Walton, 2. James Gratello/Tim Gordon, 3. Steve Morin/Todd Walton, 4. Randy Chicoine/Ryan Marston; Flight II, 1. Harry Ricker/Andy Ricker, 2. Bob Campbell/Conrad Conant, 3. Beau Blais/Mike Courtemanche, 4. Russ Pratt/Scott Sibley.

Poland Spring
POLAND – The Cage League: Team standings, Roux/Solari 126.5, Kordalski/henry 110, Gendreau/Labbe 109, Gould/Meagher 101.5, Lacasse/Morneau 101, Wilson/Smith 97.5, Malia/Rogers 97, Therrien/Anctil 95, Roy/Deblois 93, Bourgault/Giberti 88, Mercier/Webber 85.5, Baril/Mcguire 84.5, Langelier/S. Anctil 84.5, Breau/Farrington 79.5, Bourque/Raymond 75.5. Pin, Don Langelier 13-0.

POLAND – Tom Pontbriand Invitational: Gross, 1. Ray Bell/Sue Dostie/Rick Dostie/Nate McPherson, 2. Bob Johnson/Greg Emery/Pete Godin/Dave McGowan, 3. Ron Giasson/Corey Giasson/Tracy Widget/Jeff Bouchard, 4. Dave Gross/Linda Gross/Dan Lavoie/Patti Griggs. Net, 1. P.G. Cote/Claude Lesperance/Dick Boucher/Mike Lavoie, 2. Scott Thayer/John Emerson/Derek Miller/Corey Timoney, 3. Greg Thompson/Jeff Stafford/Chuck Gallagher/Dave Mason, 4. Craig Farrington/Margo Rice/Josh Paradis/Brian Beauparlant. Pins, No. 2, Claude Lesperance, J.R. Levasseur, Patti Griggs, Linda Gross; No. 8, Jeff Stafford, Matt Capone, Dennis Fox, Travis Widget; No. 11, Rick Dostie, Dan Lavoie, Keith Desjardins, Sue Dostie; No. 13, Ray Bell, P.G. Cote, Dave McGowan, Dan Lavoie. Long drive, Women, Susan Gordon; Men, Greg Emery. “Best of the Worst,” Steve Lamore/Greg Nadeau/Brian Sevit/Casey Geiger.

Apple Valley
LEWISTON – Apple Valley Cup, semifinals: Rick Nelson d. Bruce Milliken, 1-up; Bob Wilcox d. Alfred Fares, 5-and-3. Finals are Sunday, July 5.

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