Dear Sun Spots: I have been using Melitta disc coffee filters, 3.5 inch, for several years with my regular electric 12-cup percolators. I was getting them in Shaw’s in Auburn. They don’t order them anymore. I can’t find them anywhere. There is no complete address or telephone number on the package to get in touch with them. I’m hoping you can help me. You helped me once before. Thank you. — Helen, No Town.
Donna Gray, consumer relations director for Melitta USA, told us that presently, they do not distribute the filters in our area. She suggests ordering the filters online at or calling a representative at 1-888-MELITTA to place and order and they’ll ship them immediately.
Dear Sun Spots: I want to thank all the good people who donated to our granddaughter’s March for Crohn’s and Colitis Disease which was held in Boston on June 6 and was very successful. Our granddaughter’s name is Jessica and she lives in Mansfield, Mass. — The Labrie Family, Lewiston.
Dear Sun Spots: We are looking for wintergreen (pink) patties or Needham’s candy bars. Have they stopped making them?
Also, I know of quite a few shut-ins who would love magazines to read. Large print Reader’s Digest, Women’s World and others from last year, monthly papers, too. I can pick up in the Lewiston-Auburn area. Call 784-2393 and leave a message. Thank you for making our day. — J. Kay, No Town.

Dear Sun Spots: I love your column and learn so much! My question concerns those inflatable kid pools (approximately 120- by 72- by 22-inch deep), which I bought for my grandson when he comes to visit. Do I need to add any type of chemicals to the pool water if I want to keep his pool filled for two to three days in a row?
My wife thinks I need to empty the pool each evening and refill it the next morning. That’s a lot of water! Perhaps other readers could offer suggestions. This is not the type of pool with a filter. — A grateful Grampa, Lewiston.

Answer: Sun Spots spoke with Rick and Tammy Beaudoin, owners of Rick’s Swimming Pools, 1057 Sabattus St., Lewiston. Rick noted that anything with standing water should be sanitized since bacteria multiplies at an alarming rate.
A chlorine tablet will help kill bacteria in your pool, but if the pool does not have a filtration system, you’ll need to purchase a floater, which holds a chlorine stick and will dispense the chemical in the water while floating in the pool. Rick’s sells a small floater for $3.99 and individually wrapped chlorine tablets for $3.99 each. Tammy noted that one tablet will treat five to seven thousand gallons of water so a tablet will last you for some time.You can also adjust the flow of the water into the filter which will limit the amount of chlorine that is going into the water.
Tammy pointed out that if you are using well water to fill the pool and it has metal in it, the chlorine may react to the metals and cause the water to change color. To prevent the color change, a metal sequester solution can be added to the water.
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