The taxation (Democratic) party has been busy in the state Legislature. Members started with  LD 1088 in March. After their work, the Taxation Committee voted it out with nine Democrats favoring and four Republicans against.
It came to the House on June 4. House Democrats passed it 84-54.
Senate Democrats passed it 19-15 on June 5 and it was sent to the governor. He did not sign it, but held it.
On June 11, the governor submitted his own bill, LD 1495, as a substitute. There was no public or committee hearing. There was no time to read it. 
June 11 became a busy day. First, the Republicans tried to send LD 1495 to the voters for a referendum vote. That could have provided time to reasonably study the bill. Democrats defeated that 87-58.
The bill then sped through the House 84-61 and the Senate 20 -13.
On June 12, it was signed into law by the governor. This last minute rush was not good government.
When the bill takes effect, people will see a lot of additional services taxed and price increases. Those not accustomed to charging tax will start taxing.  Middle and low income families will notice it most. Deductions were changed negating a small decrease in income tax.
Consistently L-A Democratic legislators voted “yes”; Republican legislators voted “no.”
The Democratic majority must feed its spending habit. That hand is in the taxpayers’ pockets.
Have voters had enough yet?
Thomas F. Shields, Auburn

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