HARTFORD – The Board of Selectmen signed a letter Thursday night asking Time Warner to consider bringing cable TV service to the town.
Diane Clairmont of 77 Beach Way attended the meeting to once again ask officials to check into getting service. She and five of her neighbors attended the board meeting two weeks ago. She said then that since the changeover from analog to digital broadcasting, they can not get local TV signals with either inside or outside antennas. She said representatives from Dish Network and DirecTV said they cannot get a signal for local TV stations to her house because of the large pine trees across the road. The companies provide digital satellite programming.
Direct TV put up a higher satellite last year that enables the Clairmonts to get signals but not for for local stations, she said.
Lily Wright, another resident of Beach Way, said because they cannot get signals for local stations, they could miss broadcasts announcing emergencies.
She said the three homes on Beach Way are just a few feet from where Turner’s cable service company covers.
The first section of Beach Way, coming from Route 219, is in Turner; then the road goes into Hartford, which is where the houses of Diane and John Clairmont, Roger and Theresa Blais, and Sumner and Lily Wright are located.
Time Warner said it couldn’t provide service to them because it doesn’t have a contract with the town, Clairmont said the company told her.
Clairmont said she received a call this week from a former Hartford resident, who once lived just across the Turner line and was able to get cable service from Turner at the time she was a Hartford resident. Adelphia served Turner at the time.
Board Chairman Lee Holman said she had been unable to contact a representative at Time Warner, but was still working on it. She said residents who wished to have cable should contact Time Warner.
In other news, the Transfer Station has been told by the Bureau of Waste Management that it can’t accept any more brush. People will have to dispose of it on their properties or small contractors can be hired.
Selectman Jack Plumley said that the Fuller and Hartford Center cemeteries need considerable tree cutting and a granite wall is in danger of
collapsing. He said two white pines are diseased and if they fall, several stone markers would be wiped out.
Plumley also said he would like to see a special town meeting for the town to vote to purchase a 2-acre plot behind the Hartford Center cemetery for
future burial sites.

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