The best thing about getting holiday cards from friends, family members, co-workers, etc., isn’t the sweet thoughts of holiday cheer. No, it’s that special moment when you happen upon one of the personalized, “this is my family, look how pretty we are in our matching, cheesy sweaters standing around so impromptu in this forest of trees… or beautiful backyard… or in front of the house.” You get the idea.

So naturally we find the blog Awkward Family Photos (www.awkwardfamilyphotos.com) a genius display of such wonderful moments. The blog’s name is pretty self explanatory; and while we expect these kinds of photos around the holidays, this site proves special family moments happen much more often. The photos are presumably submitted by someone close to the family, because otherwise we don’t know how they would have gotten out.

Some of the shots are professionally done, many come straight from the ’80s and others are simply families having fun. We’re talking to you “bacon brothers” and the “Cactiis” family. We won’t ruin the surprise.

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