NORWAY — Voters unanimously adopted a new floodplain management ordinance during Tuesday’s special town meeting.

In a 7-to-0 vote, voters unanimously agreed to adopt the new plan and rescind one that was passed June 15 at the annual town meeting.

The ordinance had to pass by July 7 or the town would be removed from the program. The action was necessary after the Federal Emergency Management Agency rejected the one approved in June because of problems with map names and dates.

Town Manager David Holt said the previous ordinance was written based on an early draft provided by FEMA. When the agency made further changes, it made the approved ordinance non-compliant.

Sue Baker, state coordinator for the National Flood Insurance Program that operates out of the State Planning Office in Augusta, said last month that removal from the program would mean property owners wouldn’t have been able to get the required flood insurance on any federally-backed loan through a banking institution or their loans will be suspended when they are up for renewal. Additionally, removal would mean that towns would have their state and federal flood disaster assistance suspended, Baker said.

“Norway should remain in the program in good stead without ever being removed,” Holt said

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Norway Town Clerk Shirley Boyce swears in Town Meeting moderator Dennis Gray during a sparcely attended special town meeting in the Town Hall on Tuesday.

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