RUMFORD — The No. 15 paper machine at NewPage Corp. will be on a curtailed production schedule for the month of July, mill spokesman Tony Lyons said Monday. He declined to provide additional information on that machine or on the Nos. 10 and 12 machines.

However, Local Union 900 President Matt Bean had said in June that the No. 15 machine had been operating about half-time.

“We continue to take market-related downtime and to respond to manufacturing orders as needed,” Lyons said Monday afternoon.

He said an undisclosed number of employees, both hourly and salaried, have been taking voluntary, unpaid time off during the past few weeks.

No announcements have been made by the Miamisburg, Ohio-based company on whether a reduction in production during the third quarter will continue. During the first two quarters of 2009, 150,000 tons of product each quarter have been reduced at the company’s 10 mills, including the Rumford mill.

The local mill permanently laid off about 100 hourly and salaried employees in January in an effort to reduce costs at the local plant. A series of rolling layoffs took place on the three machines during much of the spring.

Bean could not be contacted for comment Monday.

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