Today’s savings: $50 per day

Heading out on a family vacation this summer but don’t want to spend $98 per night to stay in a hotel?

There are plenty of cheaper alternatives. The least expensive option is tenting, where you may spend $12 for a campsite for the night. Camping isn’t for everyone, though, because it requires so much gear and you’re subject to all kinds of weather. A lot of campgrounds have an option to rent a cabin, but you’ll have to bring your own bedding. You might also want to check to see whether there is heat available in cabins as the summer wanes.

If that’s too rustic, a lot of church camps and retreat facilities
offer discount rates for families, so it’s worth searching the Web for
facilities that may be near your destination. A lot of retreat campuses have hotel-like amenities, including pools, fitness facilities and access to local golf courses. They are a great option for family reunions.

There are also a lot of
hostels across the country where you can stay for as little as $20 per
night. The benefit of staying in a hostel is that you usually have access to a kitchen. Many colleges and universities rent dorm space during school breaks and over the summer, so it’s worth checking to see whether that’s an option where you’re traveling.

Researching these alternatives takes more effort than making a hotel reservation, but if you’re traveling for a week you can save $350.


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