“Respect” — My dictionary’s definition of it includes, “To think highly of … to show concern for …” Apparently, today’s society has forgotten its meaning, or worse, has chosen to just plain ignore it.

There is no respect in today’s society. No one respects the elderly. They are labeled feeble-minded so people can justify to themselves taking advantage of the elderly by stealing, robbing or scamming them.

No one respects authority, whether it’s the police, teachers, clerks or waitresses. People have come to a place where they believe it is OK to be rude to whomever they choose.

We have become a society that is only interested in “what’s in it for me.” It is all about “me,” how it affects “me.” Who cares about the other person?

I have never been so disheartened. The 619th Transportation Unit was deployed again. As traffic was halted in Auburn so the unit could be escorted to the turnpike, it took only a few moments before the car horns began blaring, and I don’t believe it was a show of support for the troops and their families who so bravely sacrifice for our country.

No, the horns were blaring in disgust for having to sit for a few moments. There was no respect displayed for the troops, their families or the other representatives that were present. Society has become cold, callous and self-serving.

I am dismayed because such behavior teaches children and ensuing generations how to be rude, disrespectful and selfish.

Laurie Woodhead, Canton

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