Government at a Glance
Board: Turner selectmen
Met: Monday, July 6

Year-end budget
Issue: In a review of year-end finance reports, unused balances were found in the Town Office Building Reserve and the Voting Machine Reserve.
The scoop: The town office project has been completed and a new voting machine came from the state, so the funds in both accounts could be used elsewhere.
Up next: Selectmen voted to lapse those accounts into the General Fund, closing both accounts.

Revenue shortfall
Issue: Revenue shortfalls caused overdrafts and fees that were paid from the contingency account in the amount of $5,989.33.
The scoop: Estimated revenues fell short of projection, and despite keeping expenditures under tight watch, some overdrafts occurred in the amount of $184,900.
Up next: The board voted to cut a position at the transfer station and asked that all departments purchase essential items at this time.

Direct reimbursement plan
Issue: There has been heavy use of the town’s direct reimbursement plan for unemployment for former, unemployed employees.
The scoop: The board reviewed the need for additional funding in the reimbursement account.
Up next: The board approved a carry-over of the contingency balance of $7,722.01 to the reimbursement fund.

Weigh station
Issue: The Maine Department of Transportation is seeking to create a weigh station at the former picnic area on the Auburn-Turner line on Route 4.
The scoop: Selectmen reviewed their letter from February 2007, objecting to the project due to traffic safety and undue wear of town roads by diverted traffic.
Up next: The board affirmed the 2007 selectmen letter, objecting to the project.

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