This is in response to Deanne Danforth’s letter to the editor printed July 4. She has quite a knack for Israeli history and the history of the Jewish “break-up” documented in the Old Testament. That’s good. What she left out are the words “promised land.” What do they mean? Let me try to explain.

God, our creator, who has the power to give to all as he desires, promised to Abraham a land to the Jews, his holy people (Genesis 12:1-3). That land is Israel. Yes, the Jews did split into two groups; however, the land of Israel, the promised land, remains in its entirety for the Jews. Why? Because it is not written that God retracted that promise.
Jews and Gentiles (Christians) are not thieves. I could go further and describe who the thief is, but the answer can be found in the Bible, which explains it all.

God opened his land, so to speak, to all who came to him; the Jews first and then the Gentiles through Jesus Christ.  What does that mean? We cannot steal something from God. Who can?

Louise H. Griffin, Auburn

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