Now, a few words about the Farmers’ Almanac.

We expect honesty from our politicians, governments, families, friends and ourselves. And, of course, we expect it from the Almanac. As we’ve said, “The Almanac is trusted to be right. Those of us who consult its wisdom are hoping its forecast is bulletproof.”

But not now. Last week, when Almanac editor Peter Geiger said June’s weather misery would last through July and August, leading to record-low September temperatures, our hearts sank. (The 25 of 30 days without sunshine wreaked havoc on our mood.)

So, in the interest of life, liberty and the emotional well-being of rain-soaked New England, we urge Geiger and the Almanac to lie to us, just this once.

Tell us about the record-high temperatures and record-low humidity that’s ahead for the dog days. Say autumn will arrive slowly, after many delightful, warm and sunny days and crisp, refreshing, starry-skied nights. (Our personal favorites, by the way.) Or, if that’s too much, offer a meager fib: You’re unsure of Mother Nature’s plans, but if you were to guess, all signs are positive.

Yes, honesty is the best policy. But c’mon, cut us summer-starved Mainers a break, just this once.


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