The massive spending by the federal government makes me sick. The Fourth of July was a bittersweet day. People were celebrating freedom while Congress has been taking those freedoms away.

President Barack Obama does not have the constitutional authority to take over banks and automobile companies. His administration is not transparent, and members of Congress vote on bills they don’t read.

The TARP, stimulus money and bailouts with strings attached have not worked.

The unemployment rate continues to rise.

The cap-and-trade bill will cost taxpayers thousands of dollars and will wipe out what manufacturing jobs are left in this country. We will all be paying more for everything as the costs will be passed on to consumers.

It is my understanding that the proposed health care plan will eliminate competition, and people will not be able to keep their present plans or doctors. People could be waiting a year for an MRI. The young will be given preference over the elderly.

Of course, the Washington elite and the unions will not be subjected to this government health plan.

Congress kept their raises last January, but the people receiving Social Security will not be getting a COLA increase next January.

I will not support any Republican or Democrat who votes for the cap-and-trade bill or the proposed health plan.

Diana Holcomb, Norway

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