Recently, I was watching a news program and heard Les Otten say he was interested in running for governor of Maine. I was intrigued to hear him say that he wanted the state to become energy independent.

When Otten’s energy company was established, he stated his company was going to import pellet stoves. So much for energy independence. I’m sure he could have found a supplier of stoves made in America.

I remember talking with a worker during the time when Sunday River Ski Area was being developed. He mentioned that most of the materials were imported, and the highly-paid workers came from outside of the state.

I realize that Otten’s name is well known, however, a governor should not be elected by a popularity contest. He is an opportunist, and didn’t declare his party until shortly before his speech on June 29. The Republican Party can find a better candidate for governor.

The exploratory committee should talk to people other than Otten’s friends with deep pockets. The committee should go to Bethel and surrounding towns and talk to the average working people. If it does, I believe they will be told that Otten should not run for governor.

Daniel Cole, Auburn

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