This is in response to Louise Griffin’s letter, published July 11.

Understanding the Old Testament is essential to understanding the New Testament. Our preconceived beliefs and assumptions stop us from knowing the truth. To know what’s in the Bible, you have to read and study. For a Christian nation, most people know nothing or little about the Bible. Very few Americans read the Bibles daily, and many pray only when in trouble. People are more concerned about possessions than worship.

Wants of atheists override Christian values, so people push God aside.

Greed and corruption have stolen retirement savings, jobs and the country’s economy.

No prayers in school so, instead, there are murders. Mothers and fathers killing their families. Depictions of the Ten Commandments have been removed from courthouses.

The nation’s legal system has become corrupted, where money can buy a way out — as evidenced by O.J Simpson and Michael Jackson.

America is becoming a pagan nation when many mourn the death of an accused pedophile. The plastic man doesn’t deserve that kind of worship.

The nation needs a revival and Bible lessons to know what’s in the book. People need to have more faith and less fear.

The planet belongs to God. It can’t be stolen, no matter how hard Satan tries.

Deanne Danforth, Turner

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