FARMINGTON — The following divorces were granted recently in 12th District Court:
Jason A. Biedinger of Wilton and Sara L. Biedinger or Pittston, married Aug. 27, 2006, in Kingfield.
Brian Francis Young of Wilton and Patricia Ann Young of Wilton, married Nov. 2, 2002, in Farmington.
Jeremiah D. Gattis of Farmington and Megan Ruth MacDonald of Industry, married Oct. 7, 2006, in Industry.
Joshua J. Fitch of Wilton and Heather D. Fitch of Lander, Wyo., married Sept. 23, 2000, in Jonesville, Va.
Gary Dunphy of North Anson and Molly Dunphy of Kingfield, married July 14, 1966, in North Anson.
Carlton C. Haggan of Strong and Dawn M. Haggan of North Anson, married July 10, 1999, in Strong, shared parental rights for two children, primary residence with father.
Robert J. Sirois of Farmington and Jennifer L. Sirois of Farmington, married June 30, 2007, in Farmington.
Richard G. Mealey of Farmington and Lorri J. Mealey of Farmington, married March 7, 1996, in Farmington, shared parental rights for four children, primary residence with mother.
James J. Letourneau of Windham and Kimberly A. Letourneau of Eustis, married May 13, 2006, in Carrabassett.
Justin Michael Stephenson of Boston, Mass., and Ashley R. Stephenson of Wilton, married April 12, 2003, in Portland, shared parental rights for two children, primary residence with mother.
Dwight E. Knox of Jay and Tanya M. Knox of Jay, married Aug. 16, 2008, in Livermore Falls.
Jamie E. Phelps of Kingfield and Susan Marie Gilmore Phelps of Kingfield, married Aug. 16, 1997, in Carrabassett Valley, shared parental rights for two children, primary residence with mother.
Scott Leroy Hinkley of Wilton and Jennie Lynn Hinkley of Wilton, married April 1, 2000, in Wilton, shared parental rights for one child, primary residence with mother.
Christian T. Morgan of Chesterville and Kiley Rae Morgan of Chesterville, married Sept. 30, 2006, in Livermore.
Dennis G. Baxter of New Sharon and Betsy L. Baxter of New Vineyard, married Nov. 11, 2000, in Farmington, shared parental rights for children, shared primary residence.

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