LEWISTON — The Lewiston High School class of 1979 is seeking classmates for the 30th class reunion to be held on Friday, November 27, at The Lewiston Elks Lodge. 

Committee members wish to welcome all fellow students who may have joined the class for a time through the high school years, but for various reasons did not graduate from LHS. All classmates from freshmen to senior year are welcome to attend. For more information, e-mail Bob Levesque at [email protected] or call 225-5674 or e-mail Frank Welch at [email protected].

The reunion committee is trying to locate the following classmates: Ellyn Adams, Sharon Albert, Norm Amnott, Mark Arnoldy, Billie Bailey, Thomas Beauchesne, Marcel Beaulieu, James Begin, John Bell, Michael Bernier, Donald Berube, Debbie Bilodeau, Christopher Bingelis, Linda Bissonette, David Boilard, Michael Boutin, Daniel Blanchette, Paul Bolduc.

Tom Bosse, Mark Breton, Rachel Broduer, Shawn Burgess, Pam Burwood, Monique Cadrin, Linda Varney, David Carrier, Patrick Chaloux, John Charest, Rita Charpentier, Doris Chouinard, Louise Chouinard, Deb Ciaffaglione, Joan Clavet, Debbie Cornelison, David Corriveau, Gerry Couture, Marc Doucette, Michael R. Cloutier, Dana Deschenes.

Maurice Doiron, Anita Dube, Jacqueline Dube, Michelle Dubreuil, Mark Dufour, Michael Dufour, Susan Dufour, Albert Dumont, Alice Dyer, Debra Elie, David Forgues, Gina Fournier, Susan Gagne, Sandra Gagnon, Paul Garant, James Gastonguay, Jackie Gauthier, Marc Gilbert, Denise Gill, Allison Gaunder, Mariam Georgaroudakis.

Gail Gauthier, Dan Godin, Stephen Grant, Dan Holmes, Susan Jones, David Jalbert, Mary Kimmerling, Michael Labbe, Marc Labonte, Diane M.A. Langlois, Diane T. Langlois, Elaine Leclerc, Peggy Lessard, Annette Letendre, Robert landry, Linda J. Leblanc, David Letourneau, Marc Levasseur, Martha Marshall, Louise Mathieu, Susan Mathieu.

Janet Mathieu, William Matthews, Peter McKeown, Kathy Mclalughlin, Dan Mercier, Paula Michaud, Michael Mitchell, Venise Martin, Daniel Maybury, Joyce Mullen, Tom Murphy, Daniel Nadeau, Michael Nelson,Valerie Neveaux, Karen Ouellette, Thomas Ouellette, Patricia Pare, Nancy Pelletier, Tina Pelletier, Vernon Pelletier, Gerard Provencher, Philip Pan.

Janet Plante, Sue Potvin, Louise Potvin, Jeannine Poussard, Mark Pare, Monique Pratt, William Rando, Richard Raymond, Jeanne Richard, Brian Rinebolt, Vincent Rossignol, Janice Roy, Sonia Roy, Donna St. Jean, Roger Saucier, Darlene Savage, Joyce Savage, Mark Sedgeley, Brian Shanks, Jeff Sirois, Marsha Small, David Slattery, Lisa Therrien, James Thompson, Carol Trepanier, John Turcotte, John Varney and James York.

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