July 14 was a sad day for the residents of the city of Lewiston. The firing of Jim Bennett by the Lewiston City Council, and the way in which it was handled, was a disgrace.

Since this council was elected, they have acted like a group of spoiled children, putting their own petty personal agendas ahead of leading the city in a time when it is needed most. Watching City Council meetings has become more like watching a reality television show with each councilor trying to one-up the shock factor over another.

Bennett and his previous council brought a newfound respect to the city of Lewiston, and what he accomplished during his tenure will pay dividends for a very long time.

This present council is a disgrace. Good, bad or indifferent, as long as this present council is seated, it won’t matter who the next city administrator is. Members of the council will continue to take pleasure in public humiliation of mayors and city administrators.

It’s getting old. The residents of Lewiston deserve more. They should demand sweeping changes and that the councilors all promptly resign. The only question remaining is what petty, self-serving act they will attempt as an encore.

Good things happen to good people. Jim Bennett is a good person. Lewiston’s loss will be another community’s gain.

J. Paul Spellman, Auburn

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