OXFORD — It is time for children at the Child Health Center to take out the tricycles. This year staff has set up a new riding area for the children in an effort to make it safer.

In preparation for the activity, the child care teachers recently took time to learn how to ensure that each helmet is correctly fitted to the individual child. Last fall the teachers and education technicians in special therapy instruction (formerly the developmental therapy program) received instruction on proper fitting. Now classroom teachers and aides at the center know what makes a properly fitted helmet.

The Oxford Hills Rotary and the Share Center offered the center enough helmets to allow each child to have his or her own while at the center. The teachers will fit each child with his own helmet.

It is a law that all children under age 15 wear a helmet when riding a bicycle on public roads and bikeways.

To learn more about the Child Health Center child care or special pediatric therapy programs, call 743-7035 or visit www.childhealthcenter.org.

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