LISBON FALLS — Lisbon Falls Christian Academy held their awards program for the school year on June 4. Awards were presented to the students in the following classes:


Highest average: Daniel Poulin.

Most improved: Sarah Haggerty and Joey Gendron.

Scripture memory: Abigail Novaria.



Perfect attendance: Hailey Castrence, Christopher Levesque, Sabrina Levesque, Sarah Maney, Breanna Staples.

Four quarters honor roll: Abree Cox, Hailey Castrence, Mea Flores, Elizabeth Haskell, Vanessa Lebrun, Madison Lizotte, Gabrielle Novaria, Avery Partridge, Breanna Staples, David Poulin, Alison Rose.

Cultural achievement: Hailey Castrence, Abree Cox, Jayree Gumprecht, Karissa Hearst, David Poulin, Alison Rose.

1000 Club: Mea Flores, Ariana Purington, Avery Partridge.

2000 Club: Vanessa Lebrun, Madison Lizotte, Gabrielle Novaria.

3000 Club: Karissa Hearst, Sarah Maney, David Poulin, Alison Rose, Breanna Staples.


4000 Club: Hailey Castrence, Abree Cox, Elizabeth Haskell.

Most PACE’s completed: Hailey Castrence.

Most improved: Gabrielle Novaria.

Most cooperative: Ariana Purington.

Most school spirit: Jayree Gumprecht.

Scripture memory: Breanna Staples.


Junior High

Four quarters honor roll: Jessica Newendyke and Jennie Riggs.

Cultural achievement: Emma Gumprecht, BrieAnna Hartley, Jessica Newendyke, Jennie Riggs, Sarah Riggs, Emily Stewart.

1000 Club: Molly Grenier, Emma Gumprecht, Caleb Lebrun, Jacob McGuire, Christopher Riggs, Sarah Riggs, Alissa Stewart, Kandace Thibeault.

2000 Club: Mark Haskell, Matthew McGuire, Jessica Newendyke.

3000 Club: Jennie Riggs.


Most PACE’s completed: Jennie Riggs.

Highest average: Jennie Riggs.

Most improved: Valerie Griffeth and Ian Lebrun.

Most cooperative: Kaleb Staples.

Most school spirit: Emily Stewart.

Scripture memory: Jessica Newendyke.


Christian growth: Mark Altieri, Molly Grenier, Valerie Griffeth, Emma Gumprecht, Mark Haskell, Jacob McGuire, Amanda Miles, Jessica Newendyke, Ronnie Partridge, Christopher Staples, Alissa Stewart, Emily Stewart.

Supervisor’s award: Jessica Newendyke and Mark Haskell.

Senior High

Perfect attendance: Nicole Belanger.

Four quarters honor roll: Katelyn Hodgkins, Jennifer Newendyke, Richard Riggs.

1000 Club: Alexis Ancona, Jared Hartley, Samantha Maheux, Susanna Sherburne.


2000 Club: Richard Riggs.

3000 Club: Jennifer Newendyke.

Most PACE’s completed: Richard Riggs.

Highest average: Samantha Maheux.

Most improved: Nicole Belanger and Jonathan Lucas.

Most cooperative: Katelyn Lagasse.


Most school spirit: Justin Sessums.

Scripture memory: Rebecca Miles and Jennifer Newendyke.

Christian growth: Alexis Ancona, Jennifer Griffeth, Jared Hartley, Katelyn Hodgkins, Jordan Latouche, Kassandra Levesque, Jonathan Lucas, Rebecca Miles, Briana Moon, Alexandra Moulton, Jennifer Newendyke, Robert Riggs, Justin Sessums, Albert Valentin, Michelle York.

Supervisor’s award: Jennifer Newendyke and Robert Riggs.

Christian character: Derek Roberts.

Student of the year: Katelyn Hodgkins.

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