WILTON — Action on a liquor license application was postponed by the Board of Selectmen on Tuesday, leaving a local restaurant without a license to serve liquor.

However, on Wednesday, Town Manager Rhonda Irish learned from the state licensing bureau that although the board could postpone its review of the application, the town had to grant the restaurant owner an extension.

Anthony Bradley of Tony’s Restaurant and Lounge on Route 2 was facing at least two weeks without a liquor license because of the board, which voted unanimously to postpone the application review until Aug. 4. But on Wednesday, he said the state had no problem giving him an extension or accepting his $1,500 renewal fee.

Irish was told by the state bureau that the town had to grant Bradley an extension because it was not the fault of the business owner that the board did not make a decision, she said Wednesday.

Bradley brought in an application to renew his liquor license last week, but it was on the day the license was due to expire, Irish told the board.

State licensing authorized an extension to Thursday to give the board time to review the application, but Police Chief Dennis Brown indicated to Irish that he had some concerns about renewing the license. Brown was not able to be present Tuesday to voice those concerns.

The board discussed extending the license until its next meeting in two weeks, in order to hear the police chief’s comments. Selectman Thomas Saviello suggested postponing action on the application.

A Wilton couple rose and voiced passionate opposition to the liquor license renewal. Jose and Durvalina Cerqueira told the board their daughter was killed after a drunken driver struck the snowmobile she was riding on. The female driver was convicted of aggravated operating under the influence after hitting the snowmobile on Route 2 in February 2007. The Cerqueiras’ daughter, Lisa, died from her injuries.

Bradley overlooked the renewal date and submitted the application on the date it expired. He was expecting the two weeks to cause a loss of income as he usually has a karaoke night on Fridays and a band on Saturdays, he said. He planned to continue to serve meals but expected the restaurant would close earlier at night, he said.

Now business can continue for him as usual, Irish said Wednesday. The town will grant the extension and he won’t be without a liquor license.

Bradley told the board the police chief had recently told him he was doing a good job, so Bradley didn’t understand what the chief’s concerns were about. Irish said she didn’t know, either.

Bradley told the board he bought and maintains a van to drive customers home and he often drives customers’ cars home for them.

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