Apple Valley

LEWISTON — Rich Nelson beat Bob Wilcox in a one-hole playoff to win the Apple Valley Cup on Tuesday. The final 18-hole match-play event remained close for the entire match as neither golfer led by more than one hole. Nelson won tha match with a par on the first playoff hole. 


POLAND — Monday’s Couples League, July 20: Sue and Rick Marcoux 65, Dottie and Dick Cooper 62, Maureen and Paul Spencer 61.5, Irene and Marcel Mathieu 61.5, P.Griggs and D.Lavoie 58, C.Hammond and C.Lesperance 56.5, Wonda and John Lever 54, Doris and Bob Desbian 54, K.Maxwell and F.Rubino 47, C.Schwartz and N.Pray 41, J.Barber and F.Barber 39, Karen and Frank Papineau 30.5, Connie and Ray Bedette 29, Jean and John Mangini 23. Closest to pin No. 8:  Women: Cindy Hammond 55-7; Men: Nelson Pray 16-3


AUBURN — Sunday, July 19: Points: 1. Chip Morrison 7; 2. John Turner and Mona Morin 5; 4. Mitch Sweetser, Neila Nelke, Ellen Pratt 4; 7. Reggie Pratt, Sean Bowie, Tim Jordan, Diane Jordan, Ron Morin, Gail Cailler 3. Skins: No. 1. Reggie Pratt; 2. Scott Walker; 3. Steve Jordan; 4. Mitch Sweetser; 6. Don McDuff; 8. Mitch Deblois; 9. Mitch Sweetser; 13. Steve Jordan; 15. Mike Wolfe; 16. Peter Ashton; 18. Sean Bowie.


LEEDS — Mixed team point qoutas and pins, July 20: Points: Rich Howard-Rita Howard 9; Leo Bellemare-Michelle Bellemare 8; Ron Leeman-Debbhie Marshall 8; Hugh Mathews-Pam Mathews 7; Tom Tiner-Judy Corkum 7. Pins: Nos. 13 and 15 Michelle Bellemare 

Senior Point Quota League, July 22 — Louis Maurice 13, Carl Pratt 9, Dave Kus 8, Ray Provencher 8, John Hodgkins 7.

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