Woman in search of perfect pair of slacks

Dear Sun Spots: I’m looking for dress slacks for women that aren’t low
rise. I’m over the age of that look. Seat measures from crotch to
backwaist 18 to 18.5 inches. Any brand at this point! Any help would be
greatly appreciated! Thanks. – No Name, No Town.

For OB, No Town, interested in “Squirrel Away” to keep squirrels
from feeding on your bird seed, a reader notes that you can purchase
this at your local Paris Farmer’s Union.  Pat Zebley from Lewiston
also called to suggest their family’s method of keeping squirrels out
of the bird seed: cut off the bottom of 5 gallon bottled water jug and
slide it down the bird feeder pole so that the narrow tip is facing up.
Use a wire, or something similar, to secure it to the top of the pole.
The wide mouth of the open bottom will prevent squirrels from climbing
up the pole, because if they do, they will be inside the water bottle
and unable to squeeze through the hole at the top of the jug. Make sure
that the base of the jug is at least 4 feet off the ground. She said
this fool-proof method works for them!

Dear Sun Spots: We have friends coming from out of state and we
would like to know if there is a Nazarene Church in the Oxford Hills
area? Also, we have one of the old bag phones and were wondering if
anyone would like it. Also, I have been looking for a great-grandmother brag book for
pictures, but can only find one for grandmother. The last thing our
great-grandson is really into trains and we were wondering if there is
any place around we could take him on a train ride. Thank you for any
help you can give me on any of the above.  — No Name, No Town.

Answer: In addition to responses from readers, consider paying a visit to the Church of the Nazarene, 10 Grove St., Norway. Pastor Shawn said they’d be happy to have you attend the Sunday worship at 11 a.m., Sunday School begins at 10 a.m. For more information, call the church at 743-8172 and leave a message.

For train rides, visit the Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad Co. and Museum, 58 Fore St., Portland. They offer train rides from May 23 to Oct. 25 daily, on the hour between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. From Oct. 31 to Nov. 22, train rides are available weekends, on the hour between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. Call 828-0814 for more information and rates.

Dear Sun Spots: I am writing because I have a couple of items I hope someone may want. First, I have several boxes of assorted material left by my mother when she died. I’m not sure what is in them all except that it’s a variety and about six different boxes free to anyone who wants them. I also have a 55-gallon trash bag full of various yarns for knitting, crocheting, needlework, also free for the taking. I do not sew and can no longer crochet and would love to offer these to anyone who would make use of them. Thank you. Call 782-0936. — J.D., Lewiston.

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