CANTON — Some townspeople think the water level in Lake Anasagunticook is too high.

 “We used to have a beach where people could sit when not in the water, but not now,” Percy Butler said. “The water level is too high.” Several people have mentioned that the water goes right up to the road, which is Route 140.

At Monday night’s Dam Core Committee meeting, Chairman Malcolm Ray said the water was about the level it should be.

Several people Thursday night disagreed. The temporary dam is working nicely to keep water in the lake, but the suggestions were to move one more of the logs to bring the water level down so the beach would reappear.

It wasn’t clear how the log would be moved, or by whom.

Butler also mentioned that the roof had not been fixed at the municipal building and tiles and doors were being damaged because of it. Town Administrator Kathy Hutchins said she had not put an ad in the newspaper to get interested people to bid on the project.

Colby Davis said he was at the meeting to ask why flags weren’t flying in Canton, especially over the Town Office. He said he was prepared to bring one and put it up the next day. Hutchins said she was getting one and that someone was organizing an adopt-a-flag drive in which people would pay for flags to go on the telephone poles in town.

Selectman Brian Jordan said to get a flag made in America. Several others agreed.

Chris Daily complained that his driveway is washing away because of poor ditching. Selectmen asked Road Commissioner Randy Scrivner to see what could be done.

Hutchins said the Lake Association had announced Lake Days which will be Saturday, Aug. 8, at the Hartford town beach. Canton and Hartford residents are invited to attend the all-day event — which will feature raffles, volleyball, horse shoes, croquet and boat decorating.

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