The Lewiston City Council of 2008-2009 has demonstrated it wants the city to run its way. After negative comments from Lewiston City Administrator Jim Bennett, who had eight years experience in developing this All-America City, the council resolved the problem by voting to remove him. What a cost-saving move that was.

These councilors have been in office for 18 months and, on many occasions, display a lack of interest in doing what is best for the city.

City business is handled by the seven voting councilors. Bennett did not have a vote but did have a world of knowledge of what goes on in the city and the laws that cover them. Watching the town meetings on television during the five years that I have been in Lewiston, it has been a pleasure knowing Bennett was the full-time administrator. His presence did not always set well with councilors, who have other jobs and serve on the City Council.

The voting public has been told the council wanted to go in a different direction, and that was the main reason he was removed. The five who voted for the action have cast a vote for a new direction — their removal from the council in November. At that time, the voters of Lewiston will display their support for Bennett and all he has done for this city.

Clem Clements, Lewiston

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