Hardly anyone wants to see the demise of the Earth, or even drastic changes to our beloved favorite places. Scientists say this is a possibility in the near future.

Clean energy, as quick as we can get it, is also the best way to see if the scientists are right. Besides, who can argue with good clean air, water and food? Who knows? Maybe we will even be able to eat all our great fish again without worrying about mercury poisoning from coal plants.

Investing in clean energy will help all of these.

If people insist on the cleanest available products and technology and/or local availability, we can even improve the economy.

To begin, people need to recycle and buy local products; upgrade to more efficient appliances when they are needed. People can also indicate to their electricity company that they want their power to come from cleanly produced sources. In Maine, hydro and wind power are available right now.

Demanding these cleaner energy sources will produce many jobs. I believe the drive for cleaner energy sources could kick-start the economy. Tidal and wind power are already drawing investment money.

Maine has been called “the Saudi Arabia of wind.” Let’s make it happen.

Priscilla J. Jenkins, Winthrop

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