My friend Lesley and I were chatting recently as friends are apt to do. We covered a multitude of things from world issues to not having the time to do the things we’d like to do.

“Don’t get me wrong,” said Lesley. “I love my husband and family, but I wish they would all go away for a week just so I can get caught up on all the paperwork I have to do.”

“I know exactly what you mean,” I responded. “If I could have a full week without my husband and no interruptions, I think I could actually get caught up on all my housework and for once have a clean house.”

We both sighed over such fantasy. And then we both sighed again as we wondered just when our fantasies became so mundane.

Later that day I was in a bank and I overheard a couple of the 20-something tellers talking. “My dream is to spend a week alone with my husband on a tropical island. No kids, no telephone. Just Bob and me, the sea and the surf,” said one starry-eyed teller.

“That would be wonderful,” responded the other teller. “But, I’d like a week with unlimited funds to go shopping in Boston or New York.”

I’m sure that once upon a time I had fantasies of romance in exotic places or whirlwind shopping sprees and now I just want to clean my house. What on earth has happened to me?

I guess my fantasies and priorities have changed a great deal over the years. Now I wonder if I have become old and boring or if the realities of life have slapped me around for so many years that I’ve become simple minded.

Being simple minded isn’t all that bad though. I remember many years ago being very pleased with myself and quite excited because I saved enough money to buy a really nice dress that I wanted. The other day I did a happy dance because I managed to unclog the kitchen sink. Same pleasure, but a lot less expensive.

My husband and I used to talk about how nice it would be to go to New York and see an honest-to-goodness Broadway play. Now we’re both pretty happy when we see a movie that we both enjoyed.

When my kids were little I used to love going through various cookbooks and creating interesting gourmet meals. For the kids I would make desserts worthy of a picture in Better Homes and Gardens. Now I’m quite content to microwave leftover macaroni and cheese and have a candy bar for dessert.

Whenever my husband and I see a television commercial for a weekend in Las Vegas, Henry will ask if Vegas holds any interest for me. I always say no and then we’ll get a few scratch tickets and hope to win more than the price of the tickets.

Boy, I guess I really am getting old and boring. It’s a pretty sad commentary when I’ve reached the point in my life when a couple of DVD movies hold more interest for me than a Vegas weekend or a romantic vacation on a tropical island.

I think I should start working on more interesting fantasies and doing more interesting things. But still, the way I see it, a full week without my husband and no interruptions to clean my house would be like a dream come true. Either that or winning the services of a cleaning company to come in while my husband and I were on a romantic vacation on a tropical island.

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