I commend Lewiston City Councilor Betty Dube and councilors Tina Bailey, Larry Poulin, Denis Theriault and Robert Reed for their recent decision to buy out City Administrator Jim Bennett’s contract.

Speaking from past experience, severing an individual’s employment is never an easy task, nor one that is ever taken lightly. Unfortunately, and due to legal restraints, the public may never know all the reasons leading to the 5-2 decision made by the councilors.

During the past few years, citizens have become more involved in issues surrounding the health and welfare of not only this community but throughout the state and beyond. Although discouraged by certain aspects of city government, its administration and a few of the staff, the majority have the public’s best interest at heart.

It is my opinion that the Twin Cities have been under siege long enough.

Lewiston needs an accountable administrator who will instill transparent and honest sharing of information. Left unchecked, authority without accountability at any level leads to mistrust and decisions made behind closed doors. The council has the responsibility to answer to its constituents.

The change in administrator, if handled correctly, will help instill cooperation and a sense of trust, within and beyond city borders.

People need to voice their concerns to councilors and individuals announcing their intentions to run this fall. If not nipped in the bud, attempts may be made to negate the council action and other decisions affecting the health and welfare of Lewiston’s citizens. It was the right decision.

Daniel Gregoire, Lewiston

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