BETHEL — Maine Educational Assessment
scores for SAD 44 pupils in grades three to eight continue to be at or above the
state average in most areas.

Superintendent David Murphy said the
elementary testing shows that the district is continuing its aim to

Many scores jumped as much as 10 to 13
points over last year’s results, including sixth-grade math, from 638
to 648, surpassing the Maine average for this year of 643. Also up
considerably is seventh-grade math, fourth-grade reading, and
seventh-grade reading. Nearly every other district score gained a
couple of points over last year, with most equaling or surpassing the
Maine average.

However, that doesn’t mean the district
will be complacent.

Murphy said district administrators
will soon begin taking a closer look at individual scores for
particular skills so that specific knowledge can be addressed in the

Math scores at Telstar Middle School
improved more than nearly any other grade level or subject. That
could be because of a new approach to teaching math that began at the
beginning of the last school year. Title I funds as well as 
grants were used to target math weaknesses, then work to improve

Murphy also said that scores can
sometimes vary widely from year to year because of the small number
of pupils in his district, which now educates about 900 youngsters.

“We’re pleased but not content. We
want to continue to see gain and consistency across all grade
levels,” he said.

Comparisons with the state average:

Grade 3 math:
Grade 3 reading:

District – 350
District – 345

State – 348
State – 345

Grade 4 math:
Grade 4 reading:

District – 447
District – 450

State – 446
State – 446

Grade 5 math:
Grade 5 reading:

District – 545
District – 545

State – 547
State – 546

Grade 6 math:
Grade 6 reading:

District – 648
District – 650

State – 643
State – 647

Grade 7 math:
Grade 7 reading:

District – 746
District – 753

State – 745
State – 751

Grade 8 math:
Grade 8 reading:

District – 839
District – 848

State – 843
State – 850


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