Nicholas (Nick), who was born in February 1994, is a friendly, engaging boy who has been in foster care since age 6. He has a great sense of humor and is outgoing when with adults. Willing to try new things, he belonged to a ski club last year and loved it. He also participated in a hiking club and joined a baseball team. Although he didn’t get much playing time, Nick attended every game and continued to cheer his team on.

He likes camping and especially enjoys swimming at a two-week overnight camp he has attended for the past two years. At home, he likes to watch TV, play video games and spend time on the computer. Above all else, he loves to read.
He receives special-education supports and, like most boys his age, will need reminders and prompts to complete his homework each night.

Nick describes himself as a “nice, friendly kid.” His preference would be to be adopted by two parents as their only child. He has two older biological siblings with whom he would like to maintain contact.

Shelby, born in January of 1996, is personable, fun and inquisitive. She likes gardening and being outdoors. She enjoys creating her own adventures like building forts and pretending to be the captain of a ship. She likes to read and can be quite animated when reading aloud. She also likes to write stories and is a deep thinker.

Bashful and timid when undertaking new things or meeting new people, she is working on boundaries and making friends. She is a sensitive child who seeks adult approval. She loves to sing and dance, and enjoys helping in the house, especially during meal time.

Shelby receives special-education services and is currently in a day treatment setting. She often needs help with peer social interactions. She has a brother, a sister and three stepsiblings with whom she would like to maintain contact. Her family will need to actively participate in therapy with her to assist in building an attachment. An adoption subsidy may be available.

Nicholas and Shelby are two of 159 children in the Maine Department of Health & Human Service’s care who are seeking adoption. 114 of those children have been waiting for permanency for more than a year. Based in Gardiner, the nonprofit A Family for ME program that works in collaboration with Maine DHHS. For more information, contact A Family for ME toll free at 1-877-505-0545 or visit and see the Heart Gallery of photographs taken by Chuck Pelletier Images of Lewiston of some of the many children awaiting adoption.

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