HARRISON — “Hysterical Psycho” is a hilarious horror lampoon of the stuck in a cabin with the phone lines cut and the car battery dead ilk.

Filmed on location in Bridgton and Harrison, the horror comedy will have its Maine premiere Sunday, Aug. 16, at Deertrees Theatre.

“Hysterical Psycho” is produced by Deertrees Theatre Festival executive producer Thomas Sullivan, and written and directed by Tony Award winner Dan Fogler.

“Moon Lake has been a hotbed of evil activities for centuries,” a droll, Hitchcockesque narrator tells film viewers in an animated preamble to the live-action splatterfest that’s about to unfold.

The site of some ancient, angry goings-down between the moon and the earth, rural Moon Lake now holds the strongest amount of insanity-inducing lunar radiation on the planet. When a New York theater troupe travels to those snowy woods to “find themselves,” one by one, each member is killed.
However, plot is not the issue in “Hysterical Psycho,” inspired by “Night of the Living Dead” and “The Evil Dead.” The film is more about the volume, both quantitative and auditory, of gags and references that can be thrown at the audience.

Because “Hysterical Psycho” is not your typical Deertrees fare, the theater advises viewer discretion, with no one under 17 admitted. The film will be aired at 10 p.m.; the bar opens at 9 p.m. For tickets, $5, call the Deertrees box office at 583-6747.

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