LIVERMORE FALLS — Selectmen have declared a mobile home at 418 Campground Road a dangerous, hazardous building and a nuisance to the community. They gave owner Leo Copp 30 days to clean it up or the town would do it and place a lien on the property.

The action followed a public hearing Monday night at which neighbors cited health, safety, trash, hazardous waste and potential rodent infestation on the property.

Town Manager Jim Chaousis gave a report on the condition of the property, which was backed by copies of letters sent to Copp and the code enforcement officer and plumbing inspector. There is no running water on the property, Chaousis said.

Among the problems with the trailer are rotten floors, unsafe structure, missing windows, fire, health and safety hazards, and trash, Chaousis said. Outside, there are gas and propane containers, metal and other items that constitute an unlicensed junkyard, he said. There are also deep holes on the property behind the trailer.

Code Enforcement Officer Kenneth Pratt condemned the property on Feb. 28, 2008, Chaousis said. He presented four pages of complaints of activity at the property that were reported to police since that time, he said.

That’s a lot of activity for a building that is condemned and no one is supposed to be living there, Chaousis said. “The town has some liability knowing the property is condemned and still has activity.”

“All my furniture is in the building,” Copp said. “All I’m using it for is storage. If I have to, I’ll board it up.”

Selectmen voted to accept Chaousis’ recommendations and ordered Copp to adhere to the following conditions:

• Remove all trash, debris, metal and any other obstacles that may pose risk to the neighboring community.

• Remove all property hazards, which include but are not limited to the large holes in the backyard.

• Restore the building to a livable standard that abides by all state and local codes or demolish the building.

• Dispose of hazardous materials and containers in accordance with Maine Department of Environmental Protection standards.

Copp has 30 days to meet the conditions. If he doesn’t, the town manager is authorized to put a lien on the property for full costs of cleanup.

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