Board: Sabattus Selectmen
Met: Tuesday night

Fixed firetrucks
Issue: Engine Four has been off the road and Engine Two is leaking fuel.
The scoop: Selectmen approved up to $13,000 from undesignated funds to fix Engine Four. The other truck will be looked at and repaired by the Public Works Department. A rumor that a new firetruck was in the works isn’t true, selectmen said.

Upcoming elections
Issue: Nomination papers will be available Monday for two selectmen, two Budget Committee members, two Regional School Unit board members and two Sabattus Water and Sanitary trustees. Signatures are needed in advance of the November elections.
The scoop: For selectmen, both William Henshaw and Jeff Baril’s terms are up. In the meantime, the board will fill a newly vacant spot on the school board. Nancy Huntington resigned before her term was up Dec. 7.

New Web site
Issue: The town has been exploring an update of its Web site for several months and received three bids from developers.
The scoop: Selectmen accepted a bid by T.H. Creations of Lewiston for $2,800. The new site will be ready by the end of October.

Odds and ends
Issue: Selectmen will join Greene, Turner and Leeds selectmen to explore things such as joint purchases. The first meeting Sabattus will sit in on is Sept. 24.
Issue: The price of sand has doubled since 2008, according to Public Works Director Alan Leblanc. He’s shopping around.
Issue: While the Sabattus Lake Dam Commission will continue monitoring water levels, public works will physically lower and raise the dam, when asked. The commission requested that change.
Issue: Selectmen set the new tax rate last week. The new rate: $12.85. The rate from last year: $12.585.

Staff writer Kathryn Skelton can be reached at 689-2844 or [email protected]

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