In Thursday’s viditorial, Editorial Page Editor Tony Ronzio takes a page from the past — 1857 to be exact — to question why merging the cities of Lewiston and Auburn is such a persistently good idea.

Here’s the full text of the Lewiston Falls Journal editorial from Oct. 24, 1857: 

   “Although no steps have been taken to accomplish the desirable project of uniting the three villages [Lewiston, Auburn and Danville] into which our whole village is divided, yet we doubt not that before many years it will be done.  Where natural position, private and public interests, and the general welfare, demand such a course, and where no single tenable reason can be adduced against such a union, it must eventually be brought about.  Whenever the time shall come to organize a city government, there ought to be entire unanimity in consolidating our different municipal organizations.  It will lessen the expenses of our municipal governments, it will give us better schools, it will place in us a position to make needed improvements, it will increase the importance of our village and give us greater influence, and we shall command greater respect from abroad.  It will enlarge our business, and increase the value of all kinds of property.”

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