Of course, Bag Lady’s eyes were instantly drawn to the dragon-head cane with a marble in its mouth.

Such craftsmanship to get a marble in there. Such a curious, red raised pattern on the side. Such uncane-like prices (2-for-$5.)

Whose eyes wouldn’t be?

I’d been holding out on visiting the tent erected on Center Street in Auburn for a while, thinking it might be some tent sale flash in the pan. But ordering myself away only served to heighten curiosity. What sort of tenty goodness might await?

Turns out it has a really quirky mix of clothes, kids’ workbooks, lawn ornaments, sunglasses, camping supplies, signs, bedding and As Seen On TV thingamabobs, most for $10 or less. Worth a stroll on a lazy afternoon. Lots of inexpensive gag gifts for Uncle Max come Christmas (see above cane or Strap Perfect below).

Just don’t look for a rhyme or reason on any of the shelves; that, you won’t find.


• Pooch Plus dog knit and quilted sweaters, $4.99
Well, yeah, don’t put it on them now. This season’s way more linen, but knits will come back around again.

• Baseball hats, $2.50/3-for-$6
Assorted sports caps; but the standout: a green Boston Red Sox hat with the iconic “B” on front covered with a lime — yes, that’s the fruit — pattern. I Googled, and checked with a sporty officemate, and we could discern no obvious lime/Red Sox connection. Feel free to make one up.

• Stink-Free disposable litter box, 3-pound kit, $6
For kitties on the go. A cool idea for those traveling with cats.

• Amazing Ped Egg, $2.99
Would love a firsthand, er, foot testimonial on these. Cheese-grating one’s heel doesn’t hurt? Like, a tad?

• Assorted curtain rods, $5.99-$9.99
Some end with a twist, some a glass ball, some a globe. Eclectic, but then, it’s that sort of tent sale.

• Red Bull coolers, $125
No, really: These appear to be former actual store mini-fridges. There’s a handwritten note on one that says they go great in dorm rooms.


• Emson Quick Minute microwave food dehydrator, 8-piece, $8.99
Because sometimes fluids are overrated.

• Strap Perfect, 6-pack, $7.99
You’ve seen the commercials: Those darn, unsightly bra straps will waltz to Paris and back if you let them. “Strap Perfect, because wandering bra straps cause more traffic accidents than raccoons.” (Just a suggested slogan. They’ll need to fact-check that first.)

Best find: Garden Treasure umbrella jewelry, 8-pack, $2.99
Naked umbrellas no more! These crystals or black tassels clip on to the umbrella’s edge and frankly, swank it up a bit. Everything deserves jewelry.

Think twice: Kheper Games’ Dirty Dominoes, $5.99
Speaking of naked. And dominoes.
So dirty, I can’t share the name of any of the suggested games you can play with these. OK, fine, here goes: “**** Train.” Closest I can get. Filthy plastic. Who knew?

Bag Lady’s true identity is protected by a pair of stylish, sweater-wearing Doberman pinschers (who just this week realized they haven’t been swimming all summer, and what’s up with that?) and the Customer Service counter at the Sun Journal. You can reach her at [email protected]

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