The Shaker Library is open year round, but appointments are required.

The Shaker Library welcomes anyone interested in learning more about the Shakers. This invitation includes scholars, writers, students of all ages, teachers, genealogists, and the Shaker enthusiast.

The Shaker Museum is open to the public Memorial Day through Columbus Day, Monday through Saturday (closed Sundays). The Sabbathday Lake Shaker Museum is located within the perimeters of the only active and functioning Shaker community in the world. The museum was first organized in 1931 by Sisters Iona Sedgley and Ethel Peacock in hopes of educating the public about the “truths” of Shakerism. Thousands of visitors have come to explore this unique and sacred place of work and worship. Six of the 18 existing structures at Sabbathday Lake are open to the public. Throughout these buildings there are 27 exhibit rooms which explore a continuum of over 200 years of Shaker heritage in the Maine communities. Guided tours of the premises at the Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village provide valuable insights into the Maine Shaker heritage and culture of the past as well as the present. Guided tour: 75 minutes. Fee is charged.Shaker Museum
707 Shaker Road
New Gloucester, ME 04260
Telephone: (207) 926-4597

Office email: [email protected]

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