This is in response to the editorial printed Aug. 4, “Matter of law, not of messenger.”

The editorial called for more and stricter laws about gun sales. Do you think that for one minute that would curtail criminals acquiring guns?

All I ever hear is that we need a new law for this, or we need a new law for that, and the only ones who suffer are the law-abiding citizens of Maine.

An attitude like that, reflected in the editorial, keeps getting useless laws put on the books. Each year, legislators with nothing better to do sit around and think of new laws to keep people safe from themselves. The sad part is, most of us know they do nothing to stop what they intended to stop.

Before the editorial board or our illustrious elected officials come up with new ways to mess up people’s lives, maybe they should look at some of the thousands of other failed laws intended to keep people in their protective bubble and say, “Maybe that’s not the answer.” One only has to look at the joke of all jokes (and no way am I advocating drunken driving) — Maine’s tough OUI laws — to see that it does not work.

Life is a dangerous business. Maybe the editorial writer should stay in an imaginary force field and leave the rest of us alone.
As the great bumper sticker wisdom says, “Gun control is being able to hit your target.”

George Gowell, Sabattus

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