AUBURN — With two weeks left to settle the ballot for November’s municipal election, officials are still looking for at least one School Committee candidate.

City Clerk Mary Lou Magno said candidates are passing paperwork for 14 of the 15 open seats on the Nov. 3 ballot. No candidate has stepped forward to take out nomination papers for the School Committee seat in Ward 4.

All candidates will have until Aug. 20 to collect their signatures.

“I’m not the slightest bit worried because that’s still plenty of time,” Magno said. “But we hope someone can step forward.”

The race for the city’s at-large council seats appears to be the busiest. Four people have taken out paperwork — incumbent Bob Mennealy, former councilors Belinda Gerry and Eric Samson, and Gary Baillargeon of 144 Broadview Ave. So far, Mennealy and Gerry have handed in their nomination paperwork, guaranteeing them a spot on the ballot.

Ward 1 Councilor Mike Farrell, who has passed in paperwork to seek re-election could face Richard Francoeur of 147 Broadview Ave. He is circulating nomination petitions for the seat but has not turned them in.

In Ward 3, incumbent Dan Herrick has completed his nomination petitions to seek re-election. Jaric T. Fontaine of 172 Allen Ave. is circulating petitions to challenge Herrick.

Ward 4 Councilor David  Young and Ward 5’s Ray Berube have also completed their nominations. No candidate has stepped forward to challenge them for their chairs. in Ward 2, incumbent Robert Hayes is the only candidate circulating paperwork for his seat.

Ron Potvin, current at-large councilor, was the only person still seeking the mayor’s chair as of Thursday. He is still circulating papers. Mayor John Jenkins, who took out nomination paperwork, said he would not hand it in.

Candidates for the mayor’s job each must collect 100 signatures. Candidates for the City Council and School Committee each must collect 25 signatures.

Candidates for the at-large positions, including those for mayor, two at-large City Council positions and two at-large School Committee positions, can collect signatures from registered voters living anywhere in the city. Candidates for the ward seats must collect signatures from residents of their wards.

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Passing Petitions Auburn

Candidates considering runs for City Council as of Aug. 5, 2009


  • John T. Jenkins, 34 Ryans Way
  • Ronald Potvin, 82 Northern Ave.

At large council (two seats)

  • Belinda A. Gerry, 143 Mill St.
  • Robert C. Menneally, 43 Royal Oaks Drive
  • Eric G. Samson, 28 Windemere Way
  • Gary E. Baillargeon, 144 Broadview Ave.
  • Kenneth J. Bellefleur, 100 Royal River Road

Ward 1 Council

  • Michael J. Farrell, 169 Beaver Road
  • Richard R. Francoeur, 147 Broadview Ave.

Ward 2 Council

  • Robert P. Hayes, 172 Allen Ave.

Ward 3 Council

  • Daniel R. Herrick, 470 Hatch Road
  • Jaric T. Fontaine, 87 Western Ave.

Ward 4 Council

  • David C. Young. 1167 Old Danville Road

Ward 5 Council

  • Raymond Berube, 117 Ninth St.

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