This is in response to the Sun Journal editorial printed Aug. 4. In it, Maine and New Hampshire received blame for gun problems in Massachusetts. That is a cheap shot.

Massachusetts has its problems and should perhaps take notice of policies in Maine and New Hampshire. Making new laws pertaining to guns here will not help Massachusetts. The opposite is the best policy for all — if reducing crime is the real concern of Massachusetts officials. Gun owners know that is true.

The idea that more gun regulations will somehow deter crime has been proved wrong and often at the cost of innocent lives.

Tracing the sale of a gun to someone after there is a victim does not make sense. Criminals do not register their firearms or apply for permits.

I am tired of hearing the call for more gun laws that do not work. Common sense should tell us that it is our own duty to protect ourselves and our families. It is irresponsible to expect someone else to protect us. It is a matter of misinformation that is spread by media that would rather have more gun laws and victims than say what is right for Americans.

Promoting the safety that guns provide would be the message of those who truly have the best interests of good people in their hearts.

I wonder how many drugs are sent to Maine and New Hampshire from Massachusetts every week.

Joe Brissette, Peru

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