Fooled by orchestrated bureaucratic tactics and phantom liberal enticements, apathetically gullible and complacently disillusioned citizens willingly convert personal responsibilities into constitutional rights, empowering political charlatans with absolute control over their existence.

Catastrophic economic and ideologic implosions are inevitable. The metamorphosis from democracy to socialist despotism occurs at such a leisurely pace as to remain imperceptible. Hence, the dark side of capitalism emerges, obliterating any remaining aspiration for social equilibrium.

Predictably, panic envelops the nation in a torrent of self-serving paranoia. Reason yields to blatant financial anarchy as an irresponsible populace embezzles the livelihoods and viabilities of future generations to preserve egocentric fantasies. Fueled by brazen greed, bewildering sums of money pour into failing economies in frenzied attempts to rescue foundering commercial giants from financial collapse, thereby safeguarding the imperiled fortunes of an elitist upper crust.

Rewarding their bumbling administrative talents, incompetent cretins responsible for corporate insolvencies garner obscene salaries and bonuses while a servile peasantry, shouldering bailout burdens, balances on the precipice of financial disaster. Sadly, deceived masses of despairing middle and lower class victims frantically support vile, unscrupulous propaganda, spawning totalitarian precepts that overwhelm democratic principles and become firmly entrenched as an allowable way of life.

Virtually irrelevant in this narcissistic scenario, Thomas Jefferson’s poignant admonition, “It is incumbent on every generation to pay its own debts!” succumbs to self-indulgent civic psychoses.

Whatever happened to American pride?

Roger R. Turcotte, Lewiston

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