Government at a glance

Board: Turner selectmen

Met: Monday, Aug. 3

Tax rate

Issue: The board reviewed the recent trend of declining revenues from excise taxes, state revenue sharing, recycling, interest, state refunds and all sources in preparation for establishing the tax rate.

The scoop: The board also reviewed the appropriations for education, and county and municipal that amount to $6,594,552. Any unappropriated surplus money will not be used to reduce taxes. The municipal budget was cut significantly at the annual town meeting to adjust for revenue losses; some services were delayed or cut.


Up next: The board set the tax rate at $13.40, which is three cents less than last year. The tax commitment will be signed Aug. 17.

Ice rink

The issue: The board received a request from Angelo Terreri for financial assistance in constructing an ice skating rink at the Village Crossing on Route 4.

The scoop: The board determined, after discussion, that no financial help from the town was available.

Up next: Commitments for some financial assistance were made by people at the meeting.

Roads study group


The issue: The board reviewed correspondence from Kate Dufour of the Maine Municipal Association regarding a road system study group.

The scoop: Municipal officials are being asked to consider participating in the group to respond to the state’s Department of Transportation potential reorganization of state and local roads system.

Up next: The board appointed Selectman Richard Keene to serve on a subcommittee, and will have input and provide updates to the rest of the board about the work of the study group.

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