Today’s savings: $9.75

Is your kitchen a haven for fruit flies? Instead of buying a commercial brand trap, there’s a cheaper, greener way to kill fruit flies.

Two canisters of pheratech brand fly traps cost about $10. Instead, put a little cidar vinegar in a dish, add a few drops of dish washing soap, and cover with saran wrap. Punch a few holes in the wrap and the flies will be drawn to the vinegar/soap mixture and die under the saran. If you have a narrow neck bottle, you can do the same thing without using the plastic wrap. 

Put the dish or bottle wherever you’ve got fruit flies, and you’ll eliminate this nuisance.

The cost of the homemade recipe is less than 25 cents compared to $10 for the commercial option. If you use this recipe over a period of years, the savings will really add up.


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