Drivers who see how close they can come to a cyclist without hitting them, when they pass them on the streets. Some cruise at 35-45 mph! Give us a break. Thank you.
— Don

I thought my medical appointments were too close. So the doctor let me go. Fraud is in the medical business. Get your medical records from the hospital and doctors. That will bring your blood pressure up. Procedures not done, questions not asked, pains you never complained about. You might even find out your records were released without your permission.
— Anonymous

The phrase “You make me feel.” Everyone owns his/her own feelings. This phrase is used by government, individuals — what happenned to common sense?  Accountability?  Responsibility?
— Anonymous

With lobster at such a low price from the lobstermen — Why is the price in the restaurants still so high? Most places that you go to eat they charge $12 to $20 for a lobster sandwich. Doesn’t seem right.
— Flo

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