Oktoberfest German Band

Saturday, August 22
6:45-7:45 pm

Oktoberfest in Germany is unquestionably the happiest time of year for its people with the festive atmosphere, huge beer tents, delicious foods, joyous music and dancing, and traditional costumes. And, so it is with the Oktoberfest German Band as they celebrate Oktoberfest year round. The Oktoberfest German Band is a group of eight local area musicians from all walks ofl ife whose affiliation and affinity to German music dates back tot he 1960’s.
The band has been delighting audiences of all ages at concerts, parties, dances, banquets, festivals, and fests of all sorts from Maine to Munich to Montreal to the Catskills, and points in between. Its performances consist of polkas, waltzes, rhinelanders, marches, and other typical German “Oom-pah” music.

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