Perhaps you thought you’d seen it all, but then this site exists:
Trompe l’oeil for the garage. Wow.
So, you can show off the fighter jet/Italian sports car/wine cellar/horse stables/speedboat you’ve always wanted for the world to see. No doubt passersby, especially your neighbors, will stop and stare.
The garage door covers also come in country manor and rustic barn gate styles that are popular in real garage doors.
If the above-mentioned themes seem too pedestrian, there’s also graffiti, pole dancers, a sitting elephant as well as a heaven/hell combo.
Here’s how these garage skins work: Weather-resistant billboard wrap attaches to the front of your garage door with Velcro tape.
Garage billboards are made in Munich, Germany. Each costs at least 169 euros, a little more than $240.
Personalized motifs (perhaps a family photo?) are available for 259 euros, roughly $368.

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