JAY — There’s just over a week until school starts and fourth grade teachers are organizing their classrooms in their new school.

For the first time, fourth-graders will attend the Jay Middle School with the fifth-, sixth-, seventh- and eighth-graders, beginning Aug. 26.

“It’s kind of like experiencing the first day of school for us too,” fourth-grade teacher Donna Labbe said. “We know our curriculum. We know our jobs but the school is new to us, too.” She spent the last 36 years in the same classroom at the Jay Elementary School.

Labbe and colleagues Nancy Anctil, who is also Labbe’s sister, and Tammy Deering were preparing writing folders for students. They had ventured to the nearest copying room.

Desks in Labbe’s room had a group of small paper lunch bags on desks. The teachers had put in some school supplies. Anctil’s room was organized and nearly ready to go.

“There is a lot of storage,” Deering said. The rooms have a lot of space, Anctil said.

Instead of having to jam everything into the classrooms, including computers, there is a lab with glass windows in it that Deering can monitor from her classroom. There are also storage cabinets, shelves and a built-in stand for a television in the corner of each classroom. And there are reading corners.

Anctil and Labbe’s classroom are connected by a small room for small groups, teacher planning and concentrated work. Deering’s classroom has a similar room that connects with Kellee Fortier’s fifth- and sixth-grade classroom.

  Teachers are planning to bring in some jump ropes and other playground supplies for the children who will have a regular recess.

Another new venture for students at all levels this year, is a one bus run for everyone.

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Jay Middle School fourth-grade teachers Nancy Anctil, left, Tammy Deering, center, and Donna Labbe look over the books for students in Anctil’s new classroom. The fourth-grade has moved up to the middle school from the elementary school this year.

Fourth grade teachers at the Jay Middle School, from left, Donna Labbe, Tammy Deering and Nancy Anctil, are getting their classrooms ready for students’ opening day on Wednesday, Aug. 26. It will be the first time fourth-graders will attend the middle school.

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