WILTON — Meadow Lanes bowling results for the Tuesday Summer Mixed League for June 23 are: men’s high game, Frank Beal 212; Larry Duval and Mike Broadway 202; Harry Hicks 192; high series: Bill Jordan 556; Larry Duval 536; Harry Hicks.

Mens’s high game handicap: James Martin 273, Mike Broadway 267, Cliff Neil 233; men’s high series handicap: James Martin 647; Cliff Neil 643; Bill Jordan 640.

Women’s high game: Eunice Shurtleff 184; Cathy Walton and Muriel Lisherness 170; Stephanie Millay 166; women’s high series: Eunice Shurtleff 524; Cathy Walton 448; Stephanie Millay 429.

Women’s high game handicap: Stephanie Millay 252; Julie Harnden 229; Muriel Lisherness 227; women’s high series handicap: Stephanie Millay 687; Eunice Shurtleff 638; Julie Harnden 618.

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